5 Reasons Why Your Business Must Have a Mobile App in 2021

The number of smartphone users in the world has been drastically increasing. It is estimated that worldwide smartphone usage is expected to reach 7.5 billion by 2026. Whether it is iOS or Android app development, every company should take advantage of this opportunity through a mobile app development company.

Days are gone where companies rely on hoardings or pamphlets to advertise their brands. Today, technology has put them so close (a fingertip away) to their customers. A mobile application can alone replace many traditional marketing methods and bring impeccable results.

Digital transformation has been gaining ground in recent days and mobile apps play a key part in transforming businesses. Every business no matter the size and industry should incorporate mobile app development into its business strategy.

Let’s dig deep into understanding why your business should have a mobile app in 2021.

Mobile Apps Boost Brand Awareness:

One of the biggest advantages of having a mobile application for your business is increased brand awareness. Once the user has your app on their mobile phone, you can communicate with them multiple times in a day. Especially, if you have features like push notifications, they’ll encounter your brand most frequently. This further boosts customer engagement.

They Increase Customer Engagement:

Engaging customers with your brand is crucial to growing your business. As said, mobile applications help to keep in touch with your customers through their features. Mobile apps enable you to send pop-ups, feedback forms, latest offers related to your products or services. Fortunately, you need not fear if your customers are aware of the latest offers running on your website. They’re likely to open most of your notifications, unlike emails.

The best part is if the user wants to make a purchase, he doesn’t need to open multiple tabs on the browser. All he needs to do is open the app and make the order.

Apps Deliver Value to Your Customers:

Having a mobile app for your business shows your customers that you care for them. Mobile apps allow customers to browse and make the purchase from the comfort of their home. Moreover, when they encounter any issue, they can get it resolved instantly by speaking to your customer chat support. Thus, apps provide great value to your customers, saving their time and energy. 

It’s crucial to have both an android and iOS mobile app for your business. However, it depends on the device your customers use. So, you need to study and analyze your customers first before developing the mobile app for your business. For this, you need to hire a reliable mobile app development company that researches and develops a successful product for you.

Mobile Applications Build Customer Relationships:

Mobile apps are an excellent way to build strong relationships with your customers. They help you stay close to your customers which is difficult with a website alone. When you have a robust mobile application with essential built-in features like pop-ups, push notifications, etc you can show up more frequently. Thus, there’s no way your users can forget you. When you show up on their screen with a new offer, they won’t feel you are a stranger and chances are high they will check the app. Mobile apps build trust in your brand among customers. 

Boost ROI:

When you provide value to your customers, they tend to purchase from you. According to a survey, people are likely to make an additional purchase after they had a positive experience with the brand. Additionally, most large brands and SMEs see a higher conversion rate with mobile apps. 

Whether yours is a startup business or a long-established company, having a mobile application takes your business to the next level. We, at Versatile Mobitech Pvt. Ltd, offer Mobile app development services at affordable costs. We have expert developers that have developed several successful and customized android and iOS mobile applications with desired features for numerous businesses. Just talk to us and explain your requirements, our team builds the mobile application that your customers will love and boosts your revenue.

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