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PALL,(an initiative of Prarthana Healthcare Ltd. ) aims to be a leading provider of Palliative care services in the city of Hyderabad. With key focus on cancer patients in the city of Hyderabad, we wish to give quality services to the patients and families in need of palliative care.

We also provide regular health checkups for the aging residents of the city to ensure early detection of any disease onset. By bringing professionals right to your doorstep, we want to provide various services to not just deal with sudden pain and complications, but also improve your quality of life


Procedures- Avoid unnecessary commute to hospitals for minor procedures like ascitic tapping,pleural tapping, wound dressing etc.

Consultation- Book a consultation( on call/in person) with a doctor,nutritionist,counsellor

Diet & Nutrition Counselling-Combat issues like Malnutrition,Weight Loss,Fatigue,Weight Gain etc.

Active Life(Physiotherapy, yoga,occupational therapy etc.)- Minimise symptoms, optimise your functioning ability,maintain/regain physical independence.

Key Features
  • Holistic Approach to treatment
  • Quick Response team
  • Easy to use mobile app
  • Affordable pricing
  • Quality services

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